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Under-Vanity LED Lighting (courtesy of IKEA)

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I used wall-mounted vanities in the Park City house because I like preserving as much floor area as possible, and because I envisioned using some kind of under-vanity lighting as a “night light” for the bathrooms. I had the electrician wire in switched outlets for each vanity. It took me a year to get around to the the lighting. Here’s what I figured out.

IKEA sells LED lighting strips with power supplies (“Ledberg”). These are roughly 24 inches long and they have a modular connector system so several can be ganged together. I simply mounted these to the bottom of the vanity about 3 inches back from the front edge with the cord fed through a hole in the bottom of the vanity.

This was easy and inexpensive. The light color is a little cooler than I’d like, but overall I’m pretty happy with the results.

Ledberg IKEA LED lighting strips. Note hole drilled in bottom of vanity with 11/16 butterfly bit.


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Professional Photos!

October 29th, 2011 by KTU | 3 Comments | Filed in Park City Mountain Modern

Here are the photos of the Park City house taken by the talented Matthew Millman, and shared with Baubilt courtesy of Carney Logan Burke Architects. Click to view larger image…


Flor Carpeting Revisited

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The FLOR carpet tile system is an intriguing concept — affordable, DIY, floor covering, with interesting design possibilities. I used the system for my family room in the Church House about six years. That room is (partially) shown in the next photo (c2005).


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