November 9th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 2. The Site, Excavation, and Foundation, Park City Mountain Modern.

Of course no one has any money at the end of the job…so the landscapers kind of have to make do. My guys (Sierrascape Landscaping) did nice work over 2 – 1/2 days in early November. They built three nice retaining walls, created a rock-lined drainage ditch around the property, installed a 5-foot wide border of river stone on the ground under the roof line, spread top soil over the site, and seeded it with “cabin mix,” a high-altitude meadow grass. We’re hoping that come spring, this seed will germinate and return the landscape back to nature, approximately.

Retaining walls.

Greg putting a stone on the top of the retaining wall. All of the stone came from the site. One thing we have a lot of is rocks.

You can see the 5-ft band of river stone along the back wall. This prevents splashing of mud from the dripping.

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