Roof Performance

December 29th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 5. Exterior Materials and Finishes, Park City Mountain Modern.

I’ve now observed a few weeks of snow on the roof. So far no ice dams and very few icicles…just what has resulted from the sun melting snow at the fringes of the exposed roof.

The snow slid off one section of the roof (the northeast corner, strangely). It was pretty dramatic when it went. We had a few quite warm days last week (around 35F/2C) and I think the ventilated roof actually allowed melting at the roof surface when warm air vented up through it. The snow bars above the hot tub are working very well.

The snow slid off one section of roof. I believe that when the roof rusts fully, the snow will stay on. There are snow bars above the hot tub (the center section of the roof).

Here's the roof a week later with fresh snow blanketing the entire surface again.

Fun curls of ices and snow off of eaves.

Snow-covered house.

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