Finished House

January 12th, 2011 by KTU | Filed under 1. Planning and Design, Park City Mountain Modern.

The punch list persists for months. But, we have our C.O. (certificate of occupancy). We’ve had house guests. We’ve spent a few weeks in the house. I’m declaring it done.

Here are some exterior shots on a nice winter day, along with a few interior shots. (Furnishing is not quite done…)

Lousy photo...need to wait for better light...Doug Fir glu-lam treads came out nice.

Family room bar wall.

One of the bathrooms. They're all pretty much the same.

View from loft.

Looking up at loft.

Another shot from loft.

Fireplace wall.

Treatment of "wind girt" (aka "the shelf")

Great room from the loft.

9' fir table made by finish carpenter Eric Epps to sit on steel trestle legs made from structural c-channel to match exposed structural steel in house.

Finished stair. The treads and landing are really beautiful.

Barnwood wall with TV mounted. I fed the cables through the wall directly into the a/v closet under the stair.

The Warhol skate deck collection.

Walls still bare, but very livable bedrooms.


7 Responses to “Finished House”

  1. Kate Mabry says:

    What a great “walk” through of the construction of your home. How long did it take to finish and how much was the total final cost of construction? Beautiful “Green” home!


  2. KTU says:

    We broke ground on May 1 and got our certificate of occupancy on December 22, so that’s just under 8 months construction time. I’m working on a post on total construction costs by category. However, the total construction cost was about $600k, which does not include the architectural fees, but does include all other soft costs (e.g., permits, surveying, etc.). I’ll post shortly on the full breakdown.

  3. John says:

    Love it! Looks great. Stumbled upon your site, lots of great info about building in the mtns! Thanks!

  4. Michelle says:

    Wondering what wood species you used for your cabinetry? Currently undergoing a remodel, all of our trim is vg douglas fir, and I’ve been getting push back on fir from both the cabinet maker and contractor.

  5. KTU says:

    There are four types of cabinets in the house. In the kitchen we used Ecowood in their “fir” variant. (This is a veneer made from a kind of grass, which can be dyed to appear like a wide variety of woods. It’s really nice.) In the laundry we used a simple flush door with a natural maple veneer. In the family room we used formica on baltic birch with exposed plywood edges. In the bathrooms, we used vertical bamboo “plywood” with an amber coloring.

  6. Chris says:

    What was your material source for the barn wood wall? Love that look!!!

  7. KTU says:

    I had Trestlewood mill some barnboard just as they would flooring…tongue & groove. To get the tight, flush look of that wall, you need the material to be constant thickness and to have a tongue and groove edge. However, that’s a really standard profile for the supplier to mill.

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