Flush terrace gutter

August 7th, 2011 by KTU | Filed under 7. Landscaping and Hardscaping, Park City Mountain Modern.

Just one defect emerged in the Park City house over the winter. About half of the main roof drains onto the front awning and then onto the paver terrace. A lot of water hits that terrace, and much of it drains down through the terrace instead of running off the front edge. As a result, the pavers settled a lot over the winter. One of the architects had suggested the possibility of inserting a 12″ c-channel into the paver surface to serve as a gutter from the point where the water hits the terrace to the edge. I wasn’t wild about introducing a 2-3″ groove in the terrace, as I thought it would be a trip hazard. Instead I designed a nifty welded gutter assembly with a slightly sloped top surface which feeds a 3″ c-channel beneath it to drain off the terrace. Hard to explain, but hopefully the pictures are clear.

Significant settling of paver surface from water draining down through it.

Gutter assembly flipped upside down. 3 inch c-channel in center, angles on edges, 8 inch plates on top.

Removed pavers to allow for 16-inch wide gutter assembly to be recessed, protruding off the edge by 1-2 inches.

Recessed gutter installed flush with surface of pavers.

Installed gutter system. I hung a chain from the awning gutter to direct the flow of water and avoid as much splashing as possible. Works pretty well.

I re-laid the pavers in the areas where the terrace had settled. This time I used polymeric sand to fill the joints. (As best I can tell, polymeric sand is a mixture of fine sand and a water-curing glue…it feels like Elmer’s glue and sand when wet, but sets up to seal the joints. It seems to work fairly well. It may be belts-and-suspenders…we’ll know next spring.)

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