Condo Project in Old City Philadelphia

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First of all, this is not my project; I’m just an observer. I now live in a contemporary high rise in Old City Philadelphia. I look out my window onto a collection of historic buildings on the first block of Arch Street. A project is underway to convert seven of these buildings into 43 housing units.

This blog has a pretty good description of what we know about the project so far.

Corner of Arch and Second - Trenton China Pottery

Trenton China Pottery building at Arch and Second

Trenton China Pottery was founded in 1927 and was one of a collection of restaurant supply companies that operated in Old City for a hundred years. Many are still in the neighborhood. Walking north on 2nd Street from Market Street you’ll encounter an eclectic mix of galleries, shops, restaurants, and restaurant supply companies.

What’s going to be interesting about this project is to see how they treat the historic facade. I’m also very interested to see how they are going to get any light into the middle of this project. There is not very much exterior surface for windows relative to the volume of the block of buildings.

seven buildings in block for condo project arch and second

The block of seven buildings that comprise the condo project.

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