A Really Nice Shed

February 9th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under Shed.

I might have one of the nicest sheds there is, certainly the nicest in my little town.

It was built for me by Gardensheds.com, a one-woman web-based business that contracts with an Amish carpentry outfit to build the sheds and another central-Pennsylvanian guy to deliver them.

My shed being delivered. The delivery guy does this every day. He has a little gas-powered hydraulic tractor that he attaches to the shed and pulls the whole thing over the ground and into place. This took some doing and I had to pitch in, but we got it done in about two hours.

My shed has cypress siding, a copper roof, and real hand-forged strap hinges. It’s extremely nice in my opinion. I designed the shed and provided a sketch to Nellie, the Gardenshed’s proprietor. Her carpenter interpreted the sketch faithfully. I needed something exactly 7′ x 11′ to fit on the terrace I had built. It has worked out very well. I think it cost about $7,000. A lot for a shed, but not that bad given how nice it looks in my back yard.

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