Lowering the Side Entrance by 4 Ft.

February 9th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under Reworking Side Entry.

One of the big moves architecturally for this renovation was to excavate the side yard so that the entrance to the lower level could be at the level of the sidewalk. Originally, we had to climb a half dozen steps, traverse a few feet of walkway, and then step down a half dozen steps into the “basement.” It was actually my idea, which the architect liked, to excavate next to the house and make it a straight shot into the lower level from the sidewalk. That worked well; getting in and out of the house is a breeze.

This is how the 1950s entrance looked after excavating the side down to grade and ripping off a little vestibule which had been added to provide shelter for a separate entrance to the upper level (blocked over in this shot).

Exposing the original entrance from 1890 something.

The original entrance after pulling off siding applied in the 1950s. I saved the transom window for some future use. You can see the other side door to the right is now closed off pretty nicely using reclaimed stone.

My general contractor Joe Venuti (on left) with finish carpenters Matt and Bernie (through window) installing the very nice new custom side door with gothic window.

The nearly finished side entrance, just waiting for the new vertical v-groove Spanish Cedar siding. Compare this shot to the first one and you'll see the four foot difference in height of the door.

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