Spiral Stair in Apse

February 9th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 5. Drywall and Finish Carpentry.

The big idea the architect brought to this project was to put a spiral stair in the apse to connect the main level with the lower level. Furthermore, there would be a door out to the back yard halfway down the stair off of a landing. Here are some shots of how we did that. A custom curved stair manufacturer Stairworks built and installed the basic stair and rail. They did a nice job…actually they did a nice job twice. They messed up a measurement the first time and had to completely rebuild it. To their credit, they didn’t even blink and just did it.

The landing of the spiral stair. I had Bernie make the floor boards fan shaped, which really seems like the way to go for this shape.

This is the stair as Stairworks installed it. They still had to come back and install the rail and the finish carpenters still had to put in the landing floor, and the paneled surfaces.

Matt installing vertical v-groove panels on inner curve of stair.

Bernie installing v-groove panels on underside of spiral stair. If you think about it, these have to be wedges that are twisted...tricky geometry which involved making some little masonite templates.

The finished stair (including accumulated junk) after about three years of use.

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