Main Level Modifications

February 10th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 5. Drywall and Finish Carpentry.

Most of this project focused on the lower level. However, because the spiral stair connected the lower level with the main level, we had to do a fair bit of work in the kitchen/dining area. I had done a “quick and dirty” kitchen renovation a few years ago myself and decided that it was good enough to leave in place. Thus, we mostly confined the main-level effort to the stairwell/apse area and the resulting open dining area adjacent to the kitchen.

I’ll start with how it ended up…and then show some of the steps.

The finished kitchen/dining area facing towards the spiral stair.

To connect the lower level with the main level, we had to demolish the elevated platform within the apse that had been the altar (until 1929) and the bedroom from then on.

Here's the fully demo'd apse area looking from the dining area. The kitchen (which we basically kept intact) is on the right. This photo is shot from about the same spot as the first photo of the finished condition.

The kitchen dining area after drywall and flooring. The flooring is reclaimed antique heart pine. This is horrifyingly expensive stuff ($15/sq-ft), but was the only way we could match the 100-year-old pine in the rest of the main level.

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