“Spring” in the Rockies

May 3rd, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 2. The Site, Excavation, and Foundation, Park City Mountain Modern.

I made a trip to the site to watch the excavator break ground. This was April 28. The site was staked and ready to go. Here is the site on the eve of ground breaking.

The site on the eve of breaking ground, staked and ready to go.

Doh! A blizzard.

Here is the site the next day.

After the April 29 blizzard.

Spring in the Rockies is a loose concept. We ended up with a one-week weather delay.

Here it is May 3 and we did finally break ground today. I can see the site from the ski area’s webcam and could watch the backhoe from my desk. It’s the green blob on this still image.

A still image from The Canyon's webcam. The green blob is the back hoe.

OK, we’re now finally underway.

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