Foundation Installation

May 30th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 2. The Site, Excavation, and Foundation, Park City Mountain Modern.

This week we got the foundation installed, the damp-proofing and insulation in place, the footing drains installed, and the sub-slab rough plumbing placed. We’re now ready for the lower-level slab to be poured (with the hydronic tubing for heat installed within the slab).

Here are the photos of the foundation and related steps.

Steel installed within forms.

There's a lot of steel rebar in a foundation. The first step is to tie the bar, using a power stapler-like tool.

Rebar tied and forms going up. The forms are held together with steel rods ("ties") which are fastened with clips on the outside of the form.

Pumping the mud into the forms.

The workers reach down from the top of the form to trowel the top surface to be exactly at the target height.

The forms in place, the mud poured...waiting overnight for the concrete to set up.

Cleve, the plumbing and heating guy, installed the "sub-rough" plumbing below the slab. This is essentially the waste/drain lines for the two lower-level bathrooms and a bar sink.

Danny placing the gravel below where the slab will be poured.

Compacting the gravel with the wacker.

Dampproofing (black) is sprayed on the outside of the wall where it will be below grade. It's basically a vapor barrier. We insulated with rigid foam below grade as well. We'll insulate on the inside with fiberglass batts, but this keeps the wall wam enough to avoid condensation on the inside surface of the wall.

Ready for underslab insulation, vapor barrier, rebar, hydronic tubing, and then the slab pour.

Fun to check out the views. This view of White Pine Canyon is dead on from the East Bedroom. Nice.

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