Mid Framing

July 9th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 3. Framing, Park City Mountain Modern.

Here are a few images from framing. This is week 6 of framing and week 10 from breaking ground.

We hope to have the roof on next week and the framing completed the following week.

Framing the garage. 6x14 purlins extend out the front to support the rafters.

Those timbers require Paul Bunyon's skilsaw.

The views are developing nicely. This is the view from the master bedroom. It's very hard to know just how the second floor views are going to turn out...but these are better than expected.

The overall structure at week 6 of framing. That bundle of lumber is select structural 2x12s for the roof system. That's about $3000 worth of lumber, and we need two of those bundles. Ouch.

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