Steel Stair

July 23rd, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 3. Framing.

I love the steel stair. The architects designed it conceptually. I worked out a bunch of structural details. The detailer at the steel company created the detailed design. We iterated three or four times to get it right. This stair cost about $3000 for the steel. Waaay less than having some fancy pants stair company do the design and installation. We’re going to use big, chunky treads (3-1/2″ x 11-1/2″), probably out of reclaimed douglas fir (although they were dimensioned such that pieces of a glulam beam turned on their sides would also work).

The railing still needs to be welded in place…but I love it, even in its rough state.

Steel stair with open wood treads (temporary treads in place now).

One detail I really like is that we set the steel side stringers on 3/4″ spacers so that we can slip the drywall behind them. The stringers will serve as the baseboard and we’ll get a nice clean interface to the drywall.

The landing will also float like a big tread. It will be made from 3-1/2" thick doug fir.

Here are the railing pieces after delivery several months later…

Steel railing pieces before installation.

More railing on the driveway before installation. These are the loft and deck rails.

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