Pre-Staining Rafter Tails

July 23rd, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 3. Framing, 5. Exterior Materials and Finishes, Park City Mountain Modern.

My framer’s 15-year-old son has been on the site this Summer. I proposed a win-win arrangement in which he pre-stained all the rafter tails and purlins for the roof before his dad and crew put them up. This mostly worked well. (In a few cases, one of the framers had to go up and brush a timber or end of a cut rafter.) I paid him $500, which I consider a screaming deal for both of us. This is the only exterior finish that will have to be done on this house, because we’re using reclaimed barn board siding. I used Cabot semi-transparent oil-based siding stain (Slate Gray). I think it looks excellent and matches the barn board very well. I never plan to restain…I’m hoping that even with stain applied, these rafter tails and purlins will weather gracefully.

These rafters, timbers, and purlins are the only exterior surfaces that require any finish.

The framer's teenage son stained all this material before it was installed, which worked very well.

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