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September 4th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 5. Exterior Materials and Finishes, Park City Mountain Modern.

The roofers have been on site the past week and finished up the main roofs on Thursday. Here are some pix. In a prior post, I detailed the roof design.

Installing panels...pretty straightforward except that the steel is oiled and the back side of the roof is 35 ft. off the ground. You can see the tidy little steel caps the roofer had made to put over the double 2x12 rafters...a nice touch in my opinion.

The roof is corrugated cold-rolled steel over a Hunter cool-vent panel over OSB sheathing. 4x4 purlins extend out beyond the main footprint of the house.

The finished roof. Note that this shiny steel surface will turn to a red rusted patina within a few weeks.

The back side. We got away with just two roof penetrations near the ridge; one for the waste vent and the other for a future radon vent (just in case). See also the snow bars above the hot avalanche from 30 ft. above would spoil a nice soak in the tub.

The house in mid October about 8 weeks after roofing was completed. It's starting to rust.

The house on October 29, 2010 about 10 weeks after the roof installation.

November 22...glad to be done with the exterior.

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