Traffic Jam in the Joist Bays

September 4th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 4. Components and Systems, Park City Mountain Modern.

We mostly passed our “four way” inspection on Thursday. The four-way includes structure, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. We were still waiting on some ducting to be finished, but the inspectors were impressed and gave us the go-ahead to insulate.

The traffic in the joist bays has been just awful the past week; a bunch of trades trying to fit conduits of various kinds into too little space between and across the floor joists. The traffic is especially bad just upstream of the mechanical room.

Here are a few pix.

Power, ground, heat, water, alarm, thermostats, ventilation...all trying to fit in the same space. Near the mechanical room they basically have no choice but to drop down below the joists, which will require some "drops" (soffits) in some little-used areas.

The Fantech 2400 heat-recovery ventilator, which substitutes for bathroom fans. It recovers a significant fraction of the energy in the air when ventilating a warm house in winter.

Oh sprinklers too...the orange pipe with the protruding red cap covering the sprinkler head.

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