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Drywall is a pretty amazing trade. It goes like this: (a) a truck with a big boom on it lifts 40,000 lbs. of limestone into the house¬†(sandwiched between two layers of paper in the form of drywall) , (b) ¬†8 guys descend on the project and in two days “hang” the sheets, (c) a different load of guys show up and tape the seams and finish the surface to deliver nice smooth walls. This all happens for shockingly little money; the whole process costs less than $1/sq-ft of surface including materials and labor.

Better hope the engineers calculated the loads right. This must be 10,000 lbs of drywall.

On this project we specified smooth “level 5″ surfaces everywhere. No texture on anything. Nice crisp corners too. None of that fake stucco and texture that seems to be everywhere in the West.

This crew was a happy band...singing non stop. You wouldn't believe how fast they are.

After 10 hours...

Drywall now mostly done. They did a very nice job, floating plaster over essentially the entire surfaces.

Upstairs now drywalled.

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  1. Michael Boyer says:

    I just came across your website tonight. I have been perusing rocky mt architects websites for two years, and just noticed your house on the CLB website, despite having seen it many times. I read your first entry in this blog, and could relate to every sentence you wrote. I live in Park City, and bought a lot about 9 months ago, and have been working through the design process mostly by myself, and researching different styles, and building techniques. I am aiming for an engergy efficient solar house, but like you am on a budget. I would love to meet up and see your house under construction and learn more about your experience. thanks for taking the time to put together this blog. I will read it over the ensuing weeks as I have time.

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