Upper-Level Concrete Floors

October 6th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 6. Interior Materials and Finishes, Park City Mountain Modern.

DuWayne (Gough Concrete Specialities) poured the upper-level concrete floors last week. We specified a 3 inch slab of tinted concrete (the same 2% tint we used on the lower-level slab). A 24-inch grid of #2 re-bar is laid over the hydronic heating tubes before the floors are poured. I had them saw cut control joints in nice locations as I had on the lower level. Looks very nice, even if the floors still need some work with a Swiffer.

Main level concrete floors with saw cuts.

Upper-level concrete floors.

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4 Responses to “Upper-Level Concrete Floors”

  1. Randy says:


    Great resource! We are planning a house in N Georgia with polished concrete floors, hydronic heating, and oxidized steel siding.

    You experimented with carbon black pigment but wound up using liquid tint. Why did you change?


  2. KTU says:

    Hi Randy –

    Generally your flatwork contractor will have a preferred supplier of concrete. That supplier probably also has a standard approach to tinting the mud. Our supplier (Geneva Rock) is excellent and so I went with the tinting method they use, which happens to be liquid. I was doing all three levels of the house, but in two waves, with the lower level (basement) slab poured first. So, I took a good guess at the darkness I wanted based on the color chart and we used it on the lower level. My thinking was that if I wanted to adjust it lighter or darker on the upper levels I could. It turns out I was happy with the tint, so we kept it the same on the upper levels.

  3. Peter Lucey says:

    Can you answer a question about your second floor concrete floors? What is the substructure? Is it 2X10s or so on 16″ centers and then plywood or did you use a metal deck panel? Thanks

  4. KTU says:

    It’s 11-7/8 Trus Joist on 16″ centers. The concrete is 3″ thick, so requires more than 2×10.

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