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October 7th, 2010 by KTU | 1 Comment | Filed in 6. Interior Materials and Finishes, Park City Mountain Modern

Drywall is a pretty amazing trade. It goes like this: (a) a truck with a big boom on it lifts 40,000 lbs. of limestone into the house¬†(sandwiched between two layers of paper in the form of drywall) , (b) ¬†8 guys descend on the project and in two days “hang” the sheets, (c) a different load of guys show up and tape the seams and finish the surface to deliver nice smooth walls. This all happens for shockingly little money; the whole process costs less than $1/sq-ft of surface including materials and labor.

Better hope the engineers calculated the loads right. This must be 10,000 lbs of drywall.


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