Master Bedroom and Bath “Loft”

January 18th, 2010 by KTU | Filed under 7. Upper Floor Renovation.

This project moved in three phases. First, we attacked the lower level. Then, we moved upstairs and took on the dining area, kitchen, and main-level bath. Finally, we moved upstairs to do the master bedroom “loft.” We lived in the house through the whole process, which is why we moved in phases. It actually wasn’t too bad. I sealed off each section with plastic (and even with a temporary door during the last phase).

The upper level during demolition.

The original upper level had ceilings at just 7'. That's really too low. So, we removed the original sanctuary ceiling and raised it. Here the ceiling is gone and you can see up into the rafters.

The upper level is mostly framed here. You can see the newly framed raised ceiling.

Framed upper level looking towards bathroom.

Finished and furnished upper level. Note the use of the antique doors we found in the lower-level ceiling. We had to cut them down to fit, as they were originally 9' tall.

The master loft looking the other direction. To the right is a glass half-wall that looks down over the apse and curved stair. You can also see the back side of the reclaimed doors.

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