The Magic of Construction

Following are some progress photos shot by my father-in-law Joe on site this week. There is undeniable magic in seeing a structure materialize. The magic is accentuated by having been 2500 miles away for the entire process and only seeing a fairly significant intermediate product (as shown in the photo). Of course there is also some remorse (yikes…is there enough glass on the front facade…), but still, it’s pretty fun to see ones design appear.
BTW, the builder Jim Burrowes is really good. There are “framers” and then there are Montana builders who happen to do framing because it is part of the job. Jim does nice crisp framing (along with wiring, plumbing, finish carpentry, and more…).

5 thoughts on “The Magic of Construction

  1. Solar Burrito

    Great project and a great site. Keep it up, I really enjoy following your project. I’m a really bad builder…


  2. Mike Dirac

    I stubled upon uponyour site last night when I searched for Tie-rods. I have a converted barn in Bershire & checking to see if builder left them as installed by carpenters ( n our great room)
    Enjoy reading about your other projects too!
    Cabin in the woods I hope to try some day & convert our pole barn ( with a little local help).



  3. Peter

    Karl, love your site, I’ve lost a couple of hours reading through your various projects. I’m building a Vermont cabin of my own this fall, up in the Mad River Valley. It’s actually going to a look a lot like your sleeping pavilion, albeit with a porch roof. Would you be willing to share the Sketchup plans? Thanks for all the great posts!



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