The doors arrived this week. They’re beautiful. I’m really happy with them. The only problem was the stain/finish guy who delivered them knocked them over in his truck and dinged a bunch of them. He’s fixing ’em (cheerfully, I might add). The doors came from Lemieux Doors in Canada. They were hung and finished by subcontractors to ProBuild, my materials supplier. They cost about $500 each, pre-hung and pre-finished (for 7 foot doors 1-1/2″ thick).  The main entry door was a lot more, about $2000 all in. Worth it.

2 thoughts on “Doors

  1. Jeff

    I’m looking for ideas for fir 3-panel closet doors and like your pics. Did you stain the fir doors above? If so, what color? Thanks!


    1. KTU Post author

      These doors were not stained…just finished with clear lacquer. I can imagine using “natural” stain, but personally would not go any darker than that with fir.



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