Wall Art?

Making blank walls visually interesting is a challenge. Here’s one idea that worked out very well. I was inspired by the arrival in the mail of my son’s thick catalog of skateboard decks. We found a cool collection of Warhol images on decks and bought five of them for a total of less than $200. Here they are on his wall.

I also had to figure out what to do with the “wind girt” in the living room. It is required for structural reasons (to resist the loads from wind acting on the “sail” that is the end of the house), but it is essentially a 16″ wide shelf running the width of the room. Here’s what I did…

Here’s Vlaemsch’s moose head on the wall above the fireplace.

3 thoughts on “Wall Art?

    1. KTU Post author

      I simply used a level to mark a horizontal line and then used black square-drive finish screws to put a pair of screws where I wanted each deck. I spaced the screws apart the distance between the top two pairs of mounting holes in each deck and then simply slid the decks over the screws. Thus they just are hanging from those two screws. The black screws (which have small heads) can not really be seen.



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