Flor Carpeting Revisited

The FLOR carpet tile system is an intriguing concept — affordable, DIY, floor covering, with interesting design possibilities. I used the system for my family room in the Church House about six years. That room is (partially) shown in the next photo (c2005).

Last Winter we had a pipe freeze while we were on vacation and this level of the house flooded…thus the floor covering (among other items) had to be replaced. I decided to use FLOR again. In six years, the system has been improved significantly. Originally, the carpet tiles were adhered to the floor beneath with double-sticky “dots.” This didn’t work very well for two reasons. First, the dots didn’t hold the carpet down very well, and secondly when the dots did adhere, they pulled up the floor finish when the tiles were removed. The new system adheres the tiles to each other. You simply place the new dots, with single-sided adhesive, at the corners of the tiles with the sticky side up, and join the four corners of adjacent tiles together. This is a much better approach. The adhesive is formulated to work with the tile. The tiles can float a bit with respect to the floor, which make installation much less fussy. My 14-year-old son and I  laid down 63 tiles (7×9) in about an hour. Following are the photos. This particular tile is “Rake me over” in sunny, butterred, and pewter. The teenagers are pretty happy with the results. The cost of materials for this 11 ft. x 14 ft. area was about $1000…in IKEA range for covering that much area.

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